Sugaring is just Sugaring its NOT wax.  Wax products are made of resins which adhere to skin cells. Because wax sticks to any surface it is applied to, pulling it away causes unwarranted pain.  Sugaring products never  adhere to live skin cells on bodies, faces, or legs. Therefore, when it  is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind  silky smooth skin.  Sugaring paste is all natural and water soluble, it can be easily rinsed away if needed and does not stain.  Sugar has no smell and can be used on anyone.  Sugaring extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth. Sugaring paste seeps into the hair follicle and how it gets the hair bulb.  Waxing extracts the hair in the wrong direction and that snaps hair and causing undue levels of pain.

Sugaring WILL...

  • eliminate ingrown hair
  • prevent new ingrown hair
  • extract all hair colors and textures
  • successfully treat all skin types and colors
  • improve the skin’s tone and texture
  • treat various skin problems such as keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, etc…

Sugaring WILL NOT...

  • burn the skin
  • damage the dermal cells
  • “pit” the delicate facial skin cells
  • scar the follicle mouth or surrounding area
  • promote cross contamination
  • cause unnecessary discomfort
  • cause ingrown hair

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  • Alexandria Sugaring paste is made from natural ingredients with no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects caused by allergic reactions. 
  • No coloring. It's so natural you can eat it!
  • It will never burn the client, we don’t heat it up with hard or soft wax needs.
  • Safe for all areas of the body.
  • Safe on spider veins.
  • Long-term of hot waxing can cause swelling in the skin tissues, which makes hair removal difficult. “Long term can break down the underlying connecting tissues, especially in the lip & brow areas, which are associated with wrinkles.”
  • Sugar can be easily cleaned up with water from the client, clothes, and equipment. 
  • Sugar is water soluble.
  • Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. “Living cells are wet, because sugar is water soluble, it will not adhere to live skin cells.”
  • Extracts the hair and exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  • Helps free ingrown hairs.
  • Safe on eczema and psoriasis.
  • So gentle you can go over the same areas several times when necessary, to extract the shortest and most coarse hair, without causing damage or irritation. Wax adheres to live skin cells and cannot be applied twice to the same area like Alexandria Sugars!
  • Faster than waxing because it will never dry out. You can work over an entire area without ever dipping and stripping, no extra materials like waxing. Most waxes must be removed immediately before they dry. This means  repetitious dipping and stripping which makes the process longer.
  • Sugar paste wraps around the hair shaft making it pliable, while seeping below the “mouth” of the follicle and lubricating the hair to make the extractions more complete and gentler.
  • The hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, helps extract hair intact.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • Sugar helps control cross contamination.
  • Alexandria  sugar paste has such a high concentration of sugar, bacteria CANNOT breed in the jar.
  • Sugaring requires less than 1/16 inch or 4-7 days of growth after shaving.
  • After each sugar treatment the hair that grows back becomes more and more refined each time. 
  • Sugaring can extract hair from first stage (Anagen Phase) which can lead to permanency.
  • Sugaring does not go into the blood stream, so everyone can get it done (Diabetics).
  • Fun Facts
  • Causes of excess hair growth: Stress, Medications, smoking, pregnancy, surgery, warm and hot climates, and hormones.
  • The skin sheds one surface layer of dead cells every 24 hours and renews itself by mitosis over 3 to 4 weeks (longer in the elderly).
  • 90% house hold dust is composed or dead skin cells.


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