Smudging, Cleansing & Blessing


The History of Smudging

 Smudging is the name given to a Native American tradition that calls upon the spirits of sacred plants. White Sage and Palo Santo are the plants of choice for me as they are powerful spiritual cleansers that drive away negative energy, entities, spirits, and restore balance to an individual, group or space.

Why is Smudging Effective?

 It allows you to affect the world of subtle energies using the spirits of various healing plants and prayers. Our bodies and the spaces we inhabit vibrate with invisible energy currents. These currents can be tremendously impacted by outside forces both physical and spiritual. 

When to Smudge

 All too often we find ourselves experiencing paranormal/supernatural occurrences that can be unsettling to say the least. Hearing footsteps/voices when no one is there, seeing shadows, doors/cupboards opening and closing on their own, feeling uneasy or a heaviness are not signs that you’re crazy! Often times the spirit may be a loved one trying to get your attention but occasionally it can be one who’s not so nice and draining you of your vital life force energy. When purchasing a new home or business dwelling the energies of the prior occupants can be stuck in the space and drain the energies of the new occupants. If a tragedy of any kind took place in the dwelling that energy is attached to the walls, floors and ceilings. Smudging and Blessing the space is one of the most powerful and effective ways to remove the undesirable energies and leave it filled with God’s White Light. 

Who can Smudge?

 Many times smudging can be done with out the assistance of a trained individual especially if you’re just looking to cleanse negative energies from a space/yourself or another individual. By removing the negative energy it automatically raises our vibrations and there fore protects our space from unwelcomed spirits. If the spirit is a loved one, simply verbalizing boundaries for them should stop the unwanted noises and disruptions. But occasionally help is needed when spirits are continually disruptive/frightening and causing chaos. Often time spirits become “stuck” in this dimension for various reasons and require assistance to cross over to the next. This is where I come in! I work with numerous Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters on a routine basis utilizing my gift of Discerning of spirits, prayer and smudging to raise the individuals’ vibrations and remove unwanted spirits from dwelling spaces. Inexperienced individuals can find themselves carrying that spirit home with them or agitating them and causing more havoc in the space they already inhabit. Great care and respect must be used when dealing with the spirit world. 

How do spirits/negative energies get in?

 Sometimes spirits attach to objects that have been brought into a dwellings space, especially when purchased from another individual, or they simply may have been attached to the dwelling space or the land on which it’s built. They can also attach to individuals and enter. Heavy energies such as anger, grief, depression, etc., can also be stuck on items as well as our own selves and brought in. Computers, televisions, cell phones and magazines can also be the means by which they enter. These energies can be removed though smudging and the space can then be protected by placing various crystal through out but spirits can be stubborn or simply afraid to cross over. 

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*Pricing dependent upon degree of difficulty and strength of the spirit and number of times needed to remove them from the home. Pricing is also dependent if assistance with the removal of entity may be required because there is power in numbers and there are times when the spirit or entity is very powerful. 

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