Reiki w/Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing


w/Christina Scalise

First Session: $55 / 1 hour

Follow-up Session: $40 / 45 minutes 

All First-Time sessions include an explanation of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing, what to expect during and after your session, 30 minutes or more of healing time, tips on how to keep your energy clear after your session and much more! 

Reiki is a non-invasive, hands on healing technique that involves the channeling of life force energy to aid in the release of blockages in the energetic nervous system in the body. This allows the body's own natural healing systems to then function more effectively. Reiki is a technique that works on the same principle as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Reflexology, improving the immune system, speeding the recovery from illness, injury and surgery. It also enhances relaxation, aids in better sleep, increases energy levels, assists with emotional distress, traumatic issues and so much more! 

 Chakras are energy centers in and outside of the physical body. They take in and express vital life force energy. They open and close based on how we live our lives. Each chakra is responsible for the governing of various life systems; emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. A healthy mind, body and spirit are attainable through consistent cleansing of these beautiful life centers. 

We also offer Reiki for your pets...please contact us for more details.

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Private Crystal Meditation


w/Christina Scalise

$25 / 30 Minute Session 

(or 3 Sessions for $60)

Our crystal meditation service includes a 15 minute private instruction on meditation and the importance of mind, body, and spirit connection for optimal health and balance. Then a private setting for a 15 minute meditation utilizing the calming energy of various crystals and soothing music.

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Reiki & Crystal Healing


w/Kim Celecki

30 minute Session / $25

Each session includes... 

10 min. of Life Coaching.

This service includes all the benefits of a traditional Reiki Healing Session with the added benefits of a Crystal Healing and Life Coaching session to give you an all around lighter and  balanced feeling. 

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Life Coaching


w/ Kim Celecki

$50 / 60 minutes

*Schedule 4 sessions & receive a $25 discount.

During each session, you will work with a certified life coach toward the goal of not allowing the irritants of life to weigh you down and prevent you from becoming the healthy, unique individual you desire to be. We will work together to determine what your goal/goals are, and then formulate a plan to uncover what holds you back and what obstacles could try to prevent you from reaching your goal.

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Vision Board Fun


w/ Kim Celecki

$25 / 30+ minutes

Why create a vision board?

How much time have you spent worrying about what could go wrong this week? Imagine the person that you want to be and the dreams you want to accomplish. We will talk about the accomplishments you want to acquire and then put them on paper.  How about taking some time to focus on the vision for your amazing future? Yes.. it's important! And, what a great time to envision your best life.

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w/ Jillian Kulas

Body sugaring is a progressive method of hair removal that is much gentler and safer than traditional waxing and is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Sugaring Prices are as follows...
Eye brows $10 & up
Lip $10 & up
Chin $10 & up
Package deal top 3 for $20
Underarms $20 & up
Full arms $20 & up
Full back $40 & up
Full chest $45 & up
Bikini $30 & up
Brazilian (LA) $40 & up
Half leg $45 & up
Full leg $60 & up

Vacials mud masks: for stubborn ingrowns in LA area for $25 

*Has to be scheduled different days that your getting LA sugared. 

***All prices can be discussed at a consultation, depending how much or how little hair there is, how much time the service(s) take, costs could vary.


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w/ Jillian Kulas

30 Minute Facials / $40

Bacials (Back Facials) / $40

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Plus... We Have Even More to Offer!

Reiki Certification & Intuition Development Classes


Reiki Certification Classes,

Reiki Shares & 

Intuition Development Classes

For More Information...

Reiki Classes:

Intuition Development Classes:

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Gift Shop


Our Gift Shop 

offers many one-of-a-kind products! 

  • Crystals and healing stones (many different sizes and varieties; raw and tumbled). For more information, check out our "Crystals" page under the "Information" tab.
  • Palmstones
  • Incense, Sage & Palo Santo Wood
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Selenite Lamps
  • Tarot/Oracle Cards
  • Pendulums
  • Jewelry
  • Reiki Infused bracelets made from genuine crystals
  • Tapestries
  • Decor
  • Hand-made, one-of-a-kind Dreamcatchers and crystal formations.
  • Gift Certificates ...and so much more!

Gift Shop Hours:

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12-3pm, 

Fridays: 12-6pm, 

Saturdays: 10am-3pm 

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Guided Meditation Class


Dates/Times are Announced Here...

Cost: $10 / person

Taking Care of Me - 

Meditation w/Deborah Ann

If you’ve never tried the practice of meditation before, or you would like to try a session by someone new for you, these Saturday one-hour classes might be just the thing for you.  After spending a few minutes becoming oriented, Deborah will take you on a guided journey of relaxation set to soft background music.  The focus of the guiding is to take some time for yourself, using the time to perhaps obtain a message from your own desires.  Ultimately, the goal is an enjoyable, healthy experience.

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We have several readers available at Pathway of PEARLS. Prices and services vary with each reader and currently include...


Animal Communication

Tarot / Oracle Card

* For entertainment purposes only.

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Smudging, Cleansing & Blessing


Prices Vary and Start at $45.00

To schedule a cleansing of your home or business whether it be as simple as removing negative energies or as challenging as removing unwanted spirits/entities, we can help! 

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Empath / Sensitives Meetings

Empaths / Sensitives Meetings

Empaths/Sensitives Meetings
1st meeting: Sat., Feb. 2nd, 3:30pm
2nd meeting: Sat., Feb. 9th, 3:30pm
3rd meeting: Sat., Feb. 16th, 3:30pm
Cost: FREE

*** Sign-Up IS REQUIRED to attend ***

Details: Many  of you have requested a place to meet, talk and share experiences with  others who are just like you... Empaths, Sensitives, Intuitives and  those who are experiencing things they just can not explain. No, you're  NOT crazy! No, you are NOT alone! And, there are a lot of helpful tools  and tons of information out there that can be very helpful to you!

Are YOU an Empath/Sensitive?

Find out HERE

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