Reiki Certification Classes & Reiki Shares


Reiki Level 1 Certification Class

DATE: Sunday, June 7th, 10am - 3pm.

Next Class Dates/Times: To be announced.

Cost: $150.00

This is NOT your average Reiki Level 1 class! This is Reiki Level 1 certification and sooo much more! For more details, please visit our sister site...

Reiki Level 2 Certification Class

DATE: Sunday, June 7th, 1 - 5pm.

Next Class Dates/Times:  To be announced.

Cost: $150.00 

Are you ready for your level 2? Learn how to enhance your sessions using Reiki symbols, send distance Reiki over time and space and receive an additional attunement to increase the flow of Reiki energy!

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Certification Class

Date/Time: Sunday, June 14th, 1-5pm.

Next Date/Time: To be announced.

Cost: $300.00. 

If you are ready for your Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Certification, please contact Christina so she can find a day/time that works well for you!

Reiki Share


Sunday, June 7th, 1-3 pm (all level students welcome)

Sunday, June 14th, 1-3pm (Level 2 & 3 students only)

Cost: $25.00 for return students (Reiki Shares are included with all Reiki Certification Classes).

Get answers to your most pressing questions, share Reiki stories and experiences with others, learn new techniques and tips to improve your Reiki healing sessions, practice with other students and receive a FREE treatment of your own. You will always learn something new at each Reiki Share you attend. So much learning and so much fun! *Reiki Shares are held during regularly scheduled classes and are available to anyone who is Reiki certified and attuned.

Please note: If you are already certified with someone else but would still like to attend one of our Reiki Shares, the cost is $45.00 with a copy of your certificate.

Class Payments / Reserve Your Spot!

To reserve your spot in advance, class payments can be made several different ways... Please CLICK HERE to reserve your spot TODAY!

Need more information?

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED CLASSES, please contact us today. Additional information can also be found on our sister site... 

Have Questions about our classes? Visit our Reiki Certification Class: Most Frequently Asked Questions Page.