Our Team

Millie Ritter

Millie Ritter is currently the owner and proprietor of Pathway of PEARLS Holistic Wellness Center. She is a Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach, Certified Crystal Healer, Author and Public Speaker. Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing have opened a gateway for those individuals in search of connecting to their Divine purpose and removing/releasing all that no longer serves them which has been pressed down and housed in their chakras. These chakras are the energy centers that govern every aspect of our being: mind, body and spirit. In order for these chakras to run optimally, Millie utilizes the vibrational energy of crystals, intuition and her own healing energies to pull repressed emotions and stressors from deep within; a type of “soul cleansing”. She also channels the individuals’ Spirit Guides, inviting them to be a part of each healing session as she has been gifted with the ability to see and hear things that are not of this dimension. Life Coaching is a tool she utilizes to help clients to understand the damaging affects of stress, repressed emotions, worry and lack of connection to our Divinity. Together they work on constructive ways to embrace emotions, and communicate the individual’s needs by speaking one’s truth. Incorporating the practice of positive thoughts attracting positive outcomes and manifesting our heart’s desires is a huge part of living in a balanced healthy state. Using positive mantras and daily stating gratitude, meditation and soul cleansing are vitally important to changing our negative thought and behavior patterns. Millie is living proof that complete health is attainable. By embracing our fears and meeting them head on, we can overcome them and live an amazingly blessed, balanced, abundant life. Millie is excited and enthusiastic to share her passion with others.

Christina Scalise

Christina is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Intuition Development Coach, Best-selling Author and Retired Professional Organizer. 

Christina’s goal is to help her clients rest, relax and recover from every day stress, ailments and illnesses as quickly as possible so they can enjoy more of life’s great moments. Reiki not only aids the body in recovering from ailments and illnesses but it also helps relax the body, mind and soul. 

Christina uses an intuitively guided (hands held above) Usui Reiki healing method, occasionally incorporating the use of healing crystals. 

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Kim Celecki

Kim is a Certified Life Coach, Crystal Healer, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, has a Masters of Science in Physical Education and has been working in the education field for over 20 years. 

During each session, Kim will work with you to determine what your goals are, help you discover your hidden gifts, talents and underdeveloped skills. and then formulate a plan to uncover what holds you back and what obstacles could try to prevent you from reaching your goal. 


Kim also has experience with Vision Boards!

Why create a vision board?

How much time have you spent worrying about what could go wrong this week? Imagine the person that you want to be and the dreams you want to accomplish. We will talk about the accomplishments you want to acquire and then put them on paper.  How about taking some time to focus on the vision for your amazing future? Yes.. it's important! And, what a great time to envision your best life!

Jillian Kulas


Our Readers

Danielle Crawford

Danielle is an empath for both people and animals. She specializes in readings, with or without the use of oracle cards, animal communication, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. She calls on her spirit guides as well as the clients to be included in each session, and uses crystal energies for their healing abilities. Each client will receive individual guidance as to what crystals they need and plan for further healing. Danielle is a certified Reiki practitioner and in addition has her certification in Animal Reiki and Animal Communication. She also offers services to pets who are getting ready to leave their physical bodies and cross over. Reiki helps support your animal by offering love and calmness during that time, and she will provide services at your home or travel to your veterinarian to help make this transition for your pet as loving and peaceful as possible. Please contact to schedule an appointment, or call with any questions! 


We have other readers available as well... please contact us to find out more!

Matt Roberts

Matt is a licensed veterinary technician. He communicates with animals using his empathic abilities. Matt also communicates with angels to help bring healing to others through either delivering healing messages or energy work. He offers phone readings and at home reiki for your beloved pets.