Intuition Development Class


Sunday, May 24th, 11am - 3pm.

(For return students - Game time starts at 1:00pm.)

Next Class Date: To be announced.

$45.00 New Students, 

$25.00 Return Students

Knowledge/experience required to participate: None 

Pre-registration: There is no deadline date for signing up for this class; anyone can sign up at any time. However, please keep in mind that space is limited and some of these classes DO fill up fast. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in this class. Thank you! 

Class Payments / Reserve Your Spot!

To reserve your spot in advance, class payments can be made several different ways... Please CLICK HERE to reserve your spot TODAY!

Details: Have you been "waiting for a sign" to appear? Are you able to recognize intuitive information as it comes in?  Join us for an enlightening, fun filled afternoon!  Have fun, learn, share and grow your intuitive abilities...together!   

We all receive intuitive information in so many different ways; feeling, knowing, sensing, hearing and/or seeing ...just to name a few! Some were born with special abilities and some of us work extra hard to achieve our intuitive goals.  But, how do we know if it's just our imagination, our brain getting in the way or our intuition trying to get through? How do we know it's a message from a loved one and not just a "coincidence"? There are several ways we can figure this out. But, the best way is to simply practice and share our experiences with others.

During this class, participants will have the opportunity to...
  * Share stories, information and experiences.

  * Learn how to become more open to receiving messages.

​  * Learn how to develop and improve their intuition.

  * Learn how to recognize their own unique signs and symbols when receiving messages.

  * Play lots of fun intuition development games.   

  * Learn how to give readings...intuitive readings, mediumship, psychometry, tarot cards, aura scanning, pendulums and more.

​  * Practice giving readings.

  * Practice, improve and expand on their own unique abilities and talents.

Other topics of discussion may include... crystals, chakras, house cleansings, different techniques for protection, grounding and healing, living a healthy lifestyle, recommendations for books, music, meditation, journaling and so much more!  

If you are interested in this class, please contact us today. 

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