Healing Properties of Crystals

The crystals listed are available for purchase in a variety of sizes at the Pathway of PEARLS Gift Shop. Let us know if you’re interested in any particular one!

Amazonite: Soothes emotional trauma, balances yin/yang energies, blocks geopathic stress from electronics, balances masculine/feminine energies, helps to see both sides of an issue, great for non-verbal expression, dissipates blockages in nervous system, opens heart and throat chakra, enhances loving communication.

Amethyst: Powerful protector against negative energy, powerful healing crystal, helps with insomnia/bad dreams, clears the air in homes on impurities, powerful for gaining spiritual wisdom/humility, helps to overcome fears and cravings, reduces swelling/bruises, promotes love of the Divine, opens intuition, eases headaches, balances endocrine system, transmutes psychic attacks into loving energy, natural tranquilizer, supports sobriety, overcomes additions, removes parasites from the intestines.

Aqua Aura: Produces an intense energy, soothes, clears/activates energy centers in the body, aids in purifying physically/mentally and spiritually, heals negativity, maintains balance/energy/protection, restores body’s natural balance/harmony, stimulates positive thoughts.

Black Obsidian: Cleanses psychic smog, shields against negativity, may stimulate the gift of prophecy, excellent for spiritual or healing work, releases fear/anger/negativity built up from the day, relieves stress, seals your aura against future problems, grounding stone, digs deep into your self, brings truth to the surface, works fast with great power, use with great care.

Black Tourmaline: Highly protective against negative energy, entities and destructive forces, protects against radiation and environmental pollutants/electromagnetic energy and cell phone/computer radiation, neutralizes ones own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, powerful grounding stone, channels healing light throughout the body, empowering for those in negative or challenging circumstances, soothes panic/anxiety attacks, powerfully calming, strengthens sense of smell, enhances perception of pheromones for an aphrodisiac effect, treats motion sickness, reliever of pain/arthritis, strengthens immune system, defends against debilitating disease, clears and balances all chakras, forms a protective shield around the body, beneficial with gardening and plants, natural insecticide-keeps pests at bay, buried in the soil-encourages growth and health of crops, promotes self confidence, diminishes fears, banishes any felling of being a victim, attracts inspiration/tolerance and prosperity, helpful in treating paranoia/dyslexia, improves eye/hand coordination, releases physical tension, balances male/female energies, protects against spells/ill wishes of anyone, increases physical vitality, promotes a laid-back attitude and objective neutrality with clear rational thought process

Bloodstone: Blood cleanser, powerful healer, boosts immune system, heightens intuition, increases creativity, grounding and protecting, keeps our undesirable influences, gives courage, dispels confusion, reduces irritability, re-energizes when mind and body are exhausted, cleanses lower chakras, helpful to shrink tumors.

Blue Apatite: Clears away confusion/apathy/negativity, stimulates the intellect, stone of manifestation-promoting humanitarian outlook, cleanses aura, creative problem solving, increases psychic perception, motivational stone, suppresses hunger.

Blue Calcite: Relaxation enhancer, lowers blood pressure, dissolves pain, soothes nerves, lifts anxiety, releases negative emotions, throat chakra- aids clear communication, absorbs energy/filters it and returns it to benefit the sender, cleanses negative energy, opens higher awareness and psychic abilities, combats laziness, increases energy, alleviates skin conditions, teaches discernment, boosts memory.

Blue Lace Agate: Grounding stone, improves mental function, overcome negative emotions, brings love into the chakras, enhances verbal communication, clears jitters for public speaking, aids in acceptance of one’s own emotions, aids writers for articulating ideas.

Blue Tigers Eye: Illuminates issues that may be difficult to see, raises vibrational energy, balances higher energies, helps calm when public speaking, slows the metabolism, cools over active sex drive, dissolves sexual frustration, releases stress, aids the over anxious, quick tempered and phobic.

Carnelian: Increases personal energy, gives courage, boosts creativity, boosts compassion, calms anger, grounds you in reality, helps with PMS, increases metabolism, aids in deep meditation, alleviates sexual anxiety/impotence, protects the home against fire/theft/storm, aids in overcoming abuse, heals arthritis/neuralgia/depression, increases fertility.

Champagne Tourmaline: Self healing, self love/acceptance, calming, can expose negative patterns that attract difficulties, can help one who plays the “victim” to examine the part of the self that believes this role is needed for it’s survival, aids with addictive/self destructive behaviors, regenerates ailing/diseased organs including intestines and skin, useful when in denial.

Chrysocolla: Draws off negative energy in homes, stabilizes rocky relationships, calms/cleanses/re-energizes all chakras, at solar plexus/draws off negative emotions, opens psychic vision, imparts confidence/sensitivity, overcomes phobias, promotes truth telling, treats arthritis/muscle spasms/bone disease, detoxes liver/kidney/ intestines, regenerates pancreas, lowers blood pressure, helps metabolism, treats PMS.

Chrysoprase: Stone of grace & compassion, facilitates acceptance of ones self & others, breaks negative cycles, brings hope in dire situations, inner growth, releases fear/bitterness, aids in healing of ailments of heart/lungs/liver/ digestion, draws out talents, promotes hope, added to smokey quartz it fights fungus.

Citrine: Powerful cleanser/regenerator, never needs cleansing, energizes on all levels of life, cleanses the chakras, happy/generous stone, attracts prosperity & wealth, raises self esteem, activates creativity, helps develop positive attitude, enhances concentration, overcomes depression, promotes joy in life, awakens higher mind, stimulates digestion/spleen/pancreas, detoxes blood, relieves constipation, removes cellulite, alleviates fatigue, aids menopause symptoms, carries the power of the sun, imparts energy and invigoration, reverses degenerative disease.

Copper: Increases mental agility/focus, conduit for all energies, improves blood circulation, improves energy, detoxifies body, physically used in treatment of wounds/skin disease/internal diseases/anemia/cancer, aids pain of rheumatoid arthritis/arthritis/heart disease.

Crystal Quartz: Master healer, brings harmony/healing/clarity, amplifies energy of all other crystals, stimulates immune system, aids in concentration/memory, attunes you to your spiritual purpose, protects against radiation, attach to fuel line in car to reduce fuel consumption, unlocks memory, soothes burns, filters out distractions during meditation, energy saver.

Desert Rose: Provides mental clarity, promotes success in business, increases self awareness, protections stone, when placed in 4 corners of home creates a peaceful/safe environment, relieves anxiety/stress, aids kidney health, aids in affirmation of purpose. (do not soak in water)

Dumortierite: Relaxation stone, calms, brings harmony, reduces stress related conditions (headaches, eczema), promotes an understanding of karma, encourages patience with the natural order of the universe, makes spiritual ideas easier to express.

Emerald: Stone of prosperity, encourages abundant blessings to flow, increases wisdom/faith/hope, stone of pure love, aids in eye disease, stone of patience, domestic love, helpful in claustrophobia, detoxes liver, aids in recovery from infections, combined with fluorite it enhances co-operation in group work.

Fluorite: Highly protective especially on a psychic level, aids with asthma, cleanses & stabilizes the aura, draws off stress of all kinds, heightens intuitive powers, dissolves fixed patterns of behavior, gently opens the door to the subconscious bringing suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution, increases self confidence, counter acts mental disorder, teaches importance of balance in relationships, powerful healer of infections, protects against viruses, mobilizes joints, alleviates arthritis, provides relief of pain, removes blemishes & wrinkles, rekindles sexual libido, aids in stomach disorders & cramps in intestines, dissipates emotional trauma.

Fuschite: Helpful in children/adults with ADD/ADHD, elevates appreciation of beauty/nature aids healing energies/ wisdom for healing, aids with blood sugar levels, aids with mood swings, great for allergy sufferers, aids with insomnia.

Green Aventurine: Protects the heart, comforts, attracts money, increases intelligence/perception/creativity, works through unresolved emotional issues, improves eye sight, anti-inflammatory, skin eruptions, migraines, allergies.

Green Calcite: Mental healer/dissolves rigid beliefs/restores balance, aids in debates, stimulator for the immune system, absorbs negativity, rids body of bacterial infections, aids in helping with arthritis/constrictions of the ligaments or muscles/bone adjustments, cools fevers/burns/inflammation, calms the adrenals, soothes generated dis- ease, cleanse stone after regular use on body, (strong absorber of negative energies), clears negativity from a room, creates emotional intelligence, calms the mind teaching discernment, alleviates emotional stress, enhances true ability to overcome setbacks, rids body of infections, heals skin/ulcers/warts/burns/fevers, powerful stimulator of the immune system.

Green Tourmaline: Excellent healer, helpful with visualization, opens heart chakra, promotes compassion/ tenderness/patience and sense of belonging, inspires creativity, aids in seeing all possible solutions and selecting the most constructive, draws in prosperity and abundance, aids in sleep, quiets the mind, fortifies the nervous system, facilitates weight loss, relieves CFS & exhaustion, assists in realigning spine, aids in strained muscles, beneficial for hyperactive children, reduces panic attacks, detoxifier.

Grey Agate: Stone of good luck, protects against storms, fosters love, brings abundance, relieves stress, gives peace of mind, aids in smoking cessation, looks to solutions rather than dwelling on problems, helps with creativity, gently releases repressed emotions, benefits circulatory system and skin, aids with depression, stabilizes physical energy, improves concentration, overcomes bitterness or negativity of the heart, heals inner anger fostering love and courage to start again, creates sense of safety and security, heals emotional trauma.

Hematite: powerful protector against dark forces, grounding energy, clears the mind of distractions/stress/excesses of nervous energy, beneficial for legal situations, brings positive judgments in legal situations, enhances will power, imparts confidence, boosts self esteem & survivability, useful in overcoming addictions & compulsions, helps with concentration/focus, enhances memory, treats insomnia, cleanses blood, supports kidneys, aids in Raynaud’s disease, aids anemia, cures fevers, aids in spinal alignment/fractures.

Herkimer Diamond: High energy seekers stone, manifests pure/solid light, powerful amplifier of spiritual energy, perfect conduit of Universal Life Force, double terminated-ability to transmit and receive spiritual energy, attunement stone for healing, magnifies other stones, may be programmed with loving thoughts of well being or healing for others to draw on, extremely useful in healing environments where it’s clarity/brilliance & high frequency facilitates the removal of energy blocks or debris, de-toxer, eliminates stress, energizes, promotes creativity, enlivens, clears the chakras, relieves insomnia, corrects metabolic imbalances, eliminates stress from the body, protects against radioactivity.

Jade: Amplifies positive energy, brings money, strengthens mental faculties, assists in clear reasoning, attracts prosperity, assists in fertility, channels passion in constructive ways.

Kyanite: Never requires cleansing, useful in meditation/attunement, stimulates psychic abilities, connect to spirit guides, instills compassion, opens throat chakra, aids in speaking ones truth, encourages communication, dispels blockages/illusions/anger/frustration/ & stress, shows the part played by self in creating causes and the measures required to balance the past, treats muscular disorders/fevers/urogenital system/thyroid/parathyroid/adrenals/throat/ and brain, natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure, heals infections, releases excess weight.

Lapis Lazuli: Opens many of the chakra centers, very powerful & should be used with care & respect with love in the heart & wisdom in the soul, brings matters more clearly to the mind, universal stone of wisdom & truth, encourages honesty, enhances memory, stimulates desire for knowledge, encourages deep communication, brings harmony in relationships, amazing stone for calming/loving communication use in Asperger's/autism/ADD/ temperamental teens, recognizes psychic attacks & blocks it returning it to the sender, stimulates spiritual powers and enlightenment, alleviates pain, migraines, overcomes depression, resolves emotional bondage.

Lepidolite: Stone of transition, opens up to receive higher vibrations, reduces stress associated with change, alleviates depression, balances emotions with intellect, useful in emotional/energetic blockages in ADD/OCD/Bi- polar, detoxes skin, relieves allergies, strengthens immune system, relieves exhaustion, numbs sciatica, works in neuralgia, mica form greatly amplifies energy and insists on being used for the highest of good only.

Lithium Quartz: Enhances deep meditation, releases tension/stress, brings harmony to relationships, activates chakras, awakens higher self, reduces panic/anxiety attacks, support use with anti-depressants.

Moonstone: Balance emotional body especially aggression, relieves stress, aids in hormone/menstrual cycles, increases intuition, ease in decision making, increases creativity, increases patience, promotes conception, aids in absorption of vitamins/minerals.

Moss Agate: Fosters growth in plants, stone of new beginnings, promotes release from old habits, improves self esteem, attracts wealth & abundance, comforts/helps with depression, soothes emotional wounds, refreshes the soul, aids in seeing the beauty in all you behold, releases fears and deep seated stress, encourages trust/hope, highly optimistic stone, speeds recovery, anti-inflammatory, lowers fevers, treats infections/viruses/skin fungus, prevents hypoglycemia.

Pink Tourmaline: Aphrodisiac, attracts love in material and spiritual world, provides assurance that it is safe to love, inspires trust in love, confirms that it is necessary to love yourself before you can hope to be loved by others, promotes peace and relaxation, connects to wisdom/compassion, treats endocrine/heart/lungs and skin.

Prehnite: Stone of prophecy, enhances spiritual knowing, aids in connecting to higher realms, heals the healer, place in your garden to create a healing center for yourself, calms/brings inner peace, stops hoarding of both possessions & love.

Pyrite: Protective against negative energy & pollutants, blocks energy leaks, mends auric tears, strengthens mental abilities, promotes physical/emotional well-being, promotes prosperity, increases vitality, helps with will power/ anxiety/commitment, purifies body from infection, aids sleep disturbed by gastric upset, alleviates asthma/ bronchitis, overcomes feelings of inadequacy, stimulates flow of ideas, relieves anxiety/frustration, boosts self worth, helps women overcome servitude and inferiority complex, helps with melancholy/deep repair, overcomes fatigue.

Red Jasper: Further your knowledge of connection between humans and nature, ground & stabilize the aura, progress toward set goals, helpful insight, aids in resolving difficult situations, helps to understand why change may be necessary, staple of the medicine bag, aids digestion, circulatory illnesses, calms emotions.

Rose Quartz: Stone of unconditional love, self love/romantic love/universal love, restores trust in relationships, restores harmony, purifies the heart to promote inner healing & feelings of peace, dispels negativity & protects against environmental pollution replacing it with loving vibes.

Ruby: Increases energy, use cautiously in irritable people- may over stimulate, encourages passion for life, promotes dynamic leadership, improves motivation and setting realistic goals, balances heart chakra, powerful shield against psychic attacks and vampirism of heart energy, stone of abundance, removes negative from your path, detoxes body/blood/lymph, treats fevers/infectious disease and restricted blood flow.

Selenite: Calms, brings inner peace, brings mental clarity, clears confusion, evokes protection from angelic realm, dispels negative energy, creates peaceful space, reverses effects of free radicals, heals & repairs on cellular level. 

Serpentine: heals on all levels, aids in retrieval of ancient wisdom, used to attract/manifest abundance on all levels- prosperity/love/healing, aligns your intent with your heart chakra & Source energy.

Smokey Quartz: Lifts depression, relieves fears, aids in acceptance of physical body, alleviates nightmares, promotes concentration, grounding stone, blocks Geopathic stress, teaches how to leave behind that which no longer serves you, relieves pain, antidote to stress, assists in tolerating difficult times, excellent for treating radiation related illnesses or chemotherapy, treats ailments of hips abdomen and legs, relieves headaches, muscle aches and nerve tissue related problems.

Snowflake Obsidian: useful in past life work, supports smooth skin, calms and soothes, heals old karmactic patterns, helps in examining harmful thoughts patterns, stone of purity.

Sodalite: Clears the 3rd eye chakra, deepens meditation, increases intuitiveness, can bring unhealthy patterns to the surface, great for metabolism, clears lymphatic system.

Tigers Eye: Manifestation of ideas into reality, gives courage, enhances psychic abilities, increases personal power, brings brightness & optimism, shines insight, helps with concentration, brings good luck/prosperity, talisman against bad luck/ill wishes/curses, attracts abundance, shows correct use of power-brings out integrity, aids in recognizing need of self and others, differentiates between want and need, treatment of personality disorders, heals issues of self worth/self criticism, unblocks creativity, supports addictive personality to make changes, alleviates depression and lifts mood, balances emotional body, treats eyes and aids night vision, repairs broken bones, heals throat and reproductive organs.

Turquoise: Symbolizes union/balance of Earth and sky bringing peace, facilitates meditation/peace of mind, aids in opening up to loving communication/gets you more in tune with others, aids in avoiding misfortunes, strengthens and tones the entire body, use to increase creativity/speak the truth without fear. *do not soak in water or use detergents on stones, most efficient healer-provides solace for the spirit/wellbeing for the body, explores past lives and how the creation of your fate is on going and depends on what you do at each moment, calms when public speaking, excellent for exhaustion/depression/panic attacks, viral infection allegiant, heals whole body/eyes/ cataracts, reduces excess acidity, treats gout/rheumatism/stomach, anti-inflammatory, alleviates pain.