Empath Meetings

PLEASE NOTE: Although these Empath Meetings were designed to inform those in attendance about what it's like living as an Empath and ways to improve life as an Empath, please keep in mind that this is NOT an official CLASS! This is a meeting place for Empaths to talk, share their experiences and learn a few things that may be helpful. 

DETAILS: Many of you have requested a place to meet, talk and share experiences with others who are just like you... Empaths, Sensitives, Intuitives and those who are experiencing things they just can not explain. 

No, you're NOT crazy! No, you are NOT alone! There are lots of helpful tools and tons of information out there that can be very helpful to you!

Upcoming Dates/Times:

Saturday, April 4th, 3:30 - 5:30pm  - CANCELLED

Saturday, April 18th, 3:30 - 5:30pm  - CANCELLED

Saturday, May 9th, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, May 23rd, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, June 6th, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, June 20th, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, July 11th, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Saturday, July 25th, 3:30 - 5:30pm

Cost: FREE with a limit of one meeting per month allowed per person.

*** Sign-Up IS REQUIRED to attend***

Please Note: Space is limited and these meetings DO fill up fast. If any meeting has already been announced as "NOW FULL" and you would still like to attend that meeting date/time, please contact us soon to be placed on our cancellation list. And, for those who've already signed up...please let us know as soon as possible if you can no longer make the meeting so those on the cancellation list may then attend. THANK YOU!  

Call/Text: (315) 868-2783 or Email:
We will need your name and a contact number in case of bad weather/cancellation.

ARE YOU AN EMPATH? Does any of the following describe you?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who are capable of feeling the pain and emotions of others (family, friends, animals and even strangers) both in-person and from a distance. They have a heightened awareness to subtle energies and can sense energy from possessions, photographs and in nature. 

You’re in a crowd, surrounded by people. You’re starting to feel uneasy. You break out in a sweat. Your heartbeat increases. You’re feeling sad, happy, depressed, anxious – all at the same time. You suddenly feel as though you want to scream.  You are an empath.

Note: Being an Empath is not the same as having empathy. We all have the ability to empathize with one another.


1. Your emotions are considered highly sensitive (you may be told you are “overly emotional”) or cry easily.

2. You sense or feel the emotions of others...both positive and negative.

3. You walk into a room and can feel the energy of that room. Example: a couple has just had an argument and then left the room. You walk in a few minutes later and feel a bit uneasy but don’t know why. Your emotions and/or, physical sensations often change quickly as you walk around the room.

4. You can sense when people are not feeling well, troubled, sad or even lying... even if they are putting on a brave face and acting as if nothing is wrong.

5. You have a strong sense of intuition; you seem to know things without being just seem to know what’s going to happen next, you experience de javu and lucid dreams often.

6. You have trouble concentrating when other people are around you.

7. You often sit with something on your lap...a pillow, purse, dog or child.

8. Stressful situations, negativity and negative people can often be overwhelming... arguments, loud voices and anger makes you extremely uneasy and you have to leave the room immediately. 

9. People often come to you with their problems; they often feel better afterwards, but you often do not.

10. Your five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) are extra sensitive... bright lights, loud sounds, certain smells, rough fabrics all make you cringe.

11. Public places, crowds and noisy places make you anxious.

12. You avoid negative media stories and images as much as possible; television, radio and online. Watching violence, cruelty or tragic events on television is unbearable.

13. You cry easily at touching stories in the media, certain songs or profound moments.

14. You love relaxed, quiet environments. You love your alone time.

15. You’re sensitive to the effects of stimulants and medications. Caffeine makes you anxious and more agitated than the average person.

16. Have you ever heard of the term “sympathy pains”? Empaths often mirror the symptoms of those close to them.

17. You’re a great listener and love to help people; they often come to you with their problems and you feel compelled to help. You also feel the need to volunteer your time and energy.

18. Illnesses and injuries may affect you more than others...more complaining, etc.

19. You experience aches, pains or emotions that seem to come out of nowhere, then find out later on, that someone else you know, or love was having those same experiences.

20. You have lower back pain and/or digestive issues. 

21. You’re often exhausted or drained of energy for no obvious reason.

22. You more often than not, put others before yourself and have trouble understanding the traits of those who do not do the same.

23. You can “feel” the days of the week... Mondays feel like Mondays and Saturdays feel like Saturdays and when a long weekend occurs you feel a little off balance.

24. Multi-tasking can be stressful. 

25. You prefer everything to be in order and in its place, a clutter-free environment. A cluttered environment can be stressful!

26. You’re creative, artistic, have a great imagination, love creative expression... singing, dancing, music, acting, scrapbooking, artwork, drawing, painting and/or writing.

27. You get bored easily.

28. Feel positive, loving emotions deeply.

29. You are your best in calm, loving, quiet, peaceful environments and love being out in nature.

30. You love animals and most animals seem to love you too.

If you can identify with a LOT of the above statements... you are most likely an empath.

Notice a theme here? Empath = highly almost everything!